M-Litter z Vom Weberhaus

G-Agent Asra z Weber UPr1, FPr1, BH  x  V-1 Miky z Tresnaku Zvv3,Sch3,IPO3,KKL1

Born Oct 17th

 x MikyHighSch3.JPG


DDC test DM Clear litter

This litter will bring together some great dogs with top notch temperament. I expect to see high drive, solid nerves and strong structure. Asra is showing her strong skills in tracking and high retrieve drives with natural aggression. Miky brings in a love of work and wonderful family dog.

Pictured at 6 weeks

Magic z vom Weberhaus to Brian

  DSC04050.JPG Magic3m.jpg

Mamba z vom Weberhaus

DSC04067.JPG Mamba.jpg

 Mystic z vom Weberhaus - K Hartman


Mhya z vom Weberhaus

DSC04070.JPG mhya1.jpg

 Mulder z vom Weberhaus

 Certified Explosives Detection dog

 DSC04073.JPG Mulder.jpg

Master z vom Weberhaus 

 Certified Bed Bug Detection Dog

DSC04075.JPG DSC04529.JPG

Mavrick z vom Weberhaus to Park family

DSC04071.JPG MavrickMagnum.jpg

Magnum z vom Weberhaus to Judd family

  DSC04072.JPG MavrickMagnum.jpg