WeberHaus German Shepherds

The German Shepherd of Dreams

100% European bloodlines from Czech, DDR and West Germany

All Dogs are AKC, Hip certified and vaccinated with Rabies, DhlPPC, Bordatella and Heart worm preventative
year-round. We do not breed for color in our dogs. Our position on color, is that of the SV standard for the German
Shepherd Dog which prefers a dark and rich pigment what ever it may be.

Our breeding program is kept small in order to give the dogs the time they deserve. We have decided to let our program grow and in order to maintain our high standards of care for our dogs we have a few select dogs living with very close friends who train with us weekly. I have spent hours and years studying the genetics and backgrounds of this breed to insure that the breeding are a super match. Through pedigree and genetics we find what the dog is really made of. My husband and I are dedicated to the work of these dogs and their future.

Our dream for the German Shepherd is such that we will not breed for just a pet, though many of our dogs live as pets in a home that is not what this breed was designed for. Given that a litter has puppies of different suitabilities we help find the right dog to fit the needs.  Temperament, health, workability and good genetic background are the foundations of our program. Our breeding's are selected to complete both dogs as individuals and pedigree to insure strong genetics. We recommend early reservations on our litters as we carefully plan each  breeding and many times have a waiting list in place.

The puppies are born in our home and stay until they are at least eight weeks of age.  They are monitored for temperament from four weeks on, to help place them in the right homes: pet, work and anything else they may be suited for. This helps me assist the puppy buyer in getting a pup that will be a part of the family for many years. As a breeder we are here for the life of the puppy that we brought into the world. Buy the time a puppy leaves our home they have been working on crate training and house training.

We compete in Schutzhund with our dogs that we own, handle, train and bred.

In order to retain the integrity of the German Shepherd, puppies will be sold on limited registration until OFA certified and titled at which point full registration will be given to the owner.  Puppies sold as pets must be spayed and neutered.  A puppy sold as a pet only means that the puppy is well suited for a family who does not wish to breed or show their dog. This does not mean that the puppy is not show quality. Not every puppy in a litter has the drive to be a police or Schutzhund dog, but they are great for a family who wants a protector, 4H, Obedience or couch ornament. Spaying and Neutering is the best choice for any animal not intended for breeding because it reduces the risks for cancer of the reproductive organs. Breeding of any type of dog is very costly if done correctly and for this reason we are dedicated to preserving the German Shepherd as a working dog. This is why our program is so selective about the dogs we breed and place in homes.

We offer a two year hip guarantee on our puppies. Guarantee is void if bones are broken/bruised and/or the dog is bred before two years of age. Hip dysplasia is a big problem in large breed dogs. It is very important to screen any dog before they are bred. Our high standard for breeding gives us a higher standard for our puppies. So when a puppy goes home, the buyer knows what they are getting and that as a breeder, we have done the best to provide the buyer with a healthy and stable puppy. This does not mean a puppy can not have hip dysplasia, it means that our dogs used for breeding do not have it and there for we are given much better odds that the puppies will be clear.  Please ask us for the status on hips and elbows from our breeding program and we will be happy to share that with anyone.

We believe that dogs should be part of the family, so we will not sell dogs to people wishing for a outside watch dog or "yard ornament".  

All breeding dogs live inside our house and are exercised daily. They are raised around children, cats and other pets.

We are located in Ottawa, Kansas on 10 acers and we welcome to come visitors to our dogs and our home.

All puppies go home with-

AKC registration. ( Limited )
Up to date shots and dewormings.
Ear tattooed with tattoo registration form for the national dog registry.
Health Guarantee.
Pictures of parents.
Copies of hip certification on both parents.
Copy of pedigree for the puppy.
Written contract.
Lifetime breeder support.
New puppy folder with information on food we use.
Trainers we know and trust.
Each puppy also has a referral program.
Sample bag of food to go home.


We welcome

Phone calls at 913-486-2269

Emails at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please feel free to ask questions about our program and our dogs.


Thanks for looking at our site and dogs, we hope that this provides some information that is valuable to the German shepherd breed and our program.