Studs at Weberhaus German Shepherds



U- CH V- Grim z Jeniku

Czech Import


  Grim's Pedigree


Grim is a very high drive male with a ton of talent for work.  His natural tracking abilities have been a total joy to watch.  He works through his tracks with endless ethic.  His obedience work shows great power and willingness to please the handler.  His protection work with his powerful barking and grips make him very impressive to watch.  He is social with other dogs, puppies, and cats.  This guy is just a super "all around" dog.  His top pedigree brings some of the old Czech border lines.
We are very pleased to bring such a dog to the U.S. and be able to work and title him. 
We expect him to bring some of his super structure and working drive to his puppies.
FCI-HD/ED- a(0/0)    SV- HD/ED A-Normal

OFA- DM Clear


Grim Protection Work           Grim Sch1 Track

Frozen Semen on File

AKC,CMKU,SV,USA  Registered  DNA

Top Scores

Tracking- 95 Obedience- 84 Protection- 91     

High SchH1,

High IPO2, High in Trial, High Tracking, High Protection

High IPO3


U- CH  V- Iwan vom Poppitz


German Import DDR


Iwan's Pedigree

Iwan is a large dark male with super temperament and good social skills. He has High ball and hunt drives with Extreme food drives. He is a natural and skilled tracking dog who is dedicated to his track. He has exceptional work ethic and natural retrieve drives.  His work is powerful and with purpose. He loves to please the handler and shows very full and strong grips in bitework.  He comes down the field with speed and power to the helper. He has been worked in a bite suit and is very self sure.  Iwan shows such drive and power on field and in his work, yet lives inside with us and loves to just hang out.  Gaining his UKC CH was easy and he loves getting all the attention.  He was a proven dog in Germany and produced strong drives and continues to pass many of his wonderful traits. We are very pleased with his puppies here in the USA so far.


 SV: HD "A" Normal       ED "A" Normal

DM- Clear

SV, AKC, UKC  Registered

Top Scores
Tracking-99  Obedience-85  Protection- 97

FH-96           FH2-97           IPO FH2 x2

Frozen Semen on file

Iwan is a natural tracking dog who has done the FH2 title 4 times all with passing scores. 

Iwan Video in the USA for only 5 days

Tom Neresnicka Dolina


Czech Import


Tom is a large, strong male of good structure and strong nerves.  This dog is a true "old style" dog who is not suitable for just anyone, especially an inexperienced handler.  He is very much a one handler dog who bonds strongly and gives everything he has.  Tom shows a clear head and independent nature.  He is always hard and fast to the bite and his work ethic is outstanding.  The VS3 title takes an entire week of testing to prove the heart this dog has for his work.  His puppies will be suitable for high level working homes, police, and possible sport dogs.  We look forward the future he can offer our program.

HD/ ED 0/0

Czech Breed Servey


AKC, CMKU, SV Registered  DNA




Akim zo Ziaru


Czech Import



Akim is a large male. He is very hard and strong in his work showing high possession drives.  His hunt, ball, and food drive is extreme. He is suitable mostly for police work and his pedigree is full of police dogs. He is best for experienced handlers and possesses many traits like his sire. Akim was selected to join our program because of his drive and temperament.  He is very clear in the head.  When this boy works he really has a WOW factor to his power.  When doing bite work he is not playing and his intent is to cause harm to the bad guy.  His grips are full and he comes to the helper with speed and focus.  He was tested for muzzle work and did very well at only 9 months. We look forward to him working on titles here in the USA.

Akim will be used to bring hardness and strong working drives to his puppies.

 SV HD- A Normal

 SV ED- A Normal

DM- Clear

CMKU, SV registered

Frozen Semen on File

Akim Training Video Clips

Tracking-80  Obedience-82  Protection- 85



V-Arek Von Der Wedeme


German Import DDR


Arek is a large male showing super drives for work and a willingness to work for his handler.  He shows strong ball and med food drive.  His hunt drives are very nice.  His favorite part of the work is protection where he shows a full and firm grip and desire to fight the decoy.  Arek is social and clear in the head and great with kids and other dogs.  His bloodlines are shared with our old male Asko.  Arek is a great asset to our program to have balance in drives and temperament.  Arek is a joy to work and always happy.

SV HD- A normal

SV ED- A normal

Frozen Semen on File

DM- Clear

AKC, SV Registered

Tracking-87  Obedience-84  Protection- 88


Togo Aites Bohemia 


Czech Import


Togo is a medium sized male who shows very good tracking skills.  He shows good hunt, food,and ball drives. He is social and clear in the head with solid nerves.  He shows a nice firm grip during bitework and a nice off switch when not working.  Togo is a versatile dog who can enjoy sport work as well and hold his own when challenged in a real way.  He is an easy dog to work with. Togo enjoys working for his handler.  We look forward to Togo's training and hope to see him title in IPO here in the USA.  Togo will be used to maintain balance in puppies.

HD- 0/0

ED- 0/0

DM -Clear

Frozen Semen on File

CMKU/ AKC Registered

Togo Training Video clips

Tracking- 72 Obedience-83  Protection- 86


V- Dask z Jirkova Dvora
 Czech Import


HD/ED 0/0

DM- Carrier

CMKU, AKC Registered

Dask is a large and very strong dog.  He is a one handler dog who requires a fair and consistent hand.  He is not a dog for just anyone as he is better suited for police work than sport.  His grips are very full and very hard.  He was used for breeding at Jinopo to bring hardness to his puppies.  Dask is a one handler dog who shows very high rank drives and possession drives.  Dask will be at stud to approved females.  Live cover and Frozen semen will be available also.  

Frozen Semen in File

Tracking-98  Obedience-92  Protection- 92


Darkfall ZZTOP


Czech Import


HD- A/A    ED- 0/0

DM- Clear

Dark is a bi-color male of med to higher drive with a nice off switch and open social temperament.  He shows solid nerves and good work ethic.  Dark is proving to be a young and talented dog who loves to please his handler and enjoys to have work to do. Dark is showing super drives in tracking Scoreing 94 points

Scores for Zvv2

Tracking-94  Obedience-80  Protection- 85

Dejuco Ace


HD- OFA- Excellent       ED- OFA Normal

Ace is a Dark sable male of Med size. He shows good hardness in his work and a open and social personality. Ace had a nice strong grip and happy willingness to work and learn. He is being worked toward titles and seems to enjoy each aspect of what he is learning. This young male is social and a overall happy go lucky boy. We hope to see him progress to titles and produce puppies that will bring some of the outstanding traits of his pedigree forward. 


Ulrich z Weberhaus


Young male from Honor and Akim. Showing high food and prey drives super focus and willing to learn. He is like a young verson of him father. We look forward to his progression in sport work.