This page is for Studs that will be used by us in our program or that we own Frozen Semen on !!!

V-1 Cesar z Jirkova Dvora
SchH3, KKL1(life), BH,AD,CCF3 CAL3, IDT3, GDT, DHT, CGC
Czech Import
Mid central regional Seiger 2009


Cesar's Pedigree

Cesar is a large male with heavy bone and old style large blocky head. Showing power and very high drives in all his work. Very deep intinse tracking with extream ball and hunt drive. He will work all day for his hander in any weather and under any conditions. He loves to go to the lake and swim. Cesar has been used as a Demo dog for police work. With true hardness and high fight drives he will work in suit or muzzle work. He is very clear is the head when working and will take anything you can throw at him. He comes for a long bite with speed and intent. Cesar shows a perfect off switch at home and can chill in the house. He is good with kids and other animals.   Cesar has puppies working as Protection, Police and SAR homes as well as a few family companions. We are very lucky to have this male as a part of our program and love what he as Produced for us. His puppies have proven to posses many of his traits.  
HD- A-1 Normal Hips

OFA- DM Clear
AKC, CKMU, SV, USA Registered DNA
Cesar also took hardest hitting dog for his IDT3 title!
KKL1 -Recommended for Breeding
Top Scores
Tracking- 99 Obedience- 90 Protection- 94

 Cesar Protection Clips     More Protection clips



 V-1 Miky z Tresnaku
ZVV3, IPO3 ,SCH3, ZPS1, ZPO1,BH, AD KKL1(life),CGC

Czech Import

 North central regional Seiger 2010


Miky's Pedigree


 Miky is a large male with lots of drive for any type of work. He is very relaxed in the house but can turn it on as soon as you walk on the field. He is joy to work as he is a natural tracker and just enjoys everything he does. He is a low maintenance dog when it comes to training. I have pulled Miky out after months; laid a very hard FH type track that he will work with precision till the end. We could not be happier with him over all and he is a true joy to live with and be around. Miky is perfectly sound in his head, social and loves other animals. He is excellent with kids. He shows no fear or surprise in any situation. This is an old type Czech dog. His father Enzo was a very well known dog, a National winner in the Czech Republic several times represented at World Championships. The ZVV3 is one of the most difficult titles in the world. Miky qualified for ZVV3 nationals in Czech republic at 3 years of age...!!
 Miky is an excellent choice for breeding to produce puppies in top sport and police. He has been used at stud to produce puppies for demanding work before coming to the US.

  We are very happy to bring this dog to the USA!

Czech Breed Survey- 5CI 1/P- KKL1*
OFA- HIPS Good / Elbows Normal

 OFA- DM Clear


Frozen Semen on File

Miky Training Video Czech


AKC, USA, CKMU, SV Registered  DNA
Top Scores
Tracking- 100 Obedience- 98 Protection- 96


VD-Hyro Waji IPO3, SCH3, VPG2, ZVV1, ZZO KKL1

HD/ED  0/0



Frozen semen on File 

SG-2 Dragon Bohenia Abakan CS IPO3, VPG3, ZM Zvv1 KKL2

HD/ED a0/0


 Frozen semen on File



V- Dask z Jirkova Dvora
 Czech Import


HD/ED 0/0

DM- Carrier

CMKU, AKC Registered

Dask is a Large and very strong dog. He is a one handler dog who requires a fair and consistant handler. He is not a dog for everyone as he is better suited for police work than sport. His grips are very full and very hard. He was used for breeding at jinopo to bring hardness to his puppies. Dask is a one handler dog who shows very high rank drives and possession drives. Dask will be at stud to approved females. Live cover and Frozen semen will be avalible also.  

Frozen Semen in File


 SG- Brutus z Kociciho Dvora Zvv1

HD/ED 0/0


 Frozen semen on File

Thanks to DON!

SG- Cash vom Beerenhof Sch1 AD


SV Hips: "a-2" Fast Normal

SV Elbows: "a" Normal
DNA DM - Clear with the DDC
DNA Test Coat Length: Clear

Frozen Semen on File


Azer z Vom Weberhaus

HRD- NAPWADA Certified



Frozen Semen on File

V- Cato vom Zenhof IPO3 KKL

HD/ED A Normal


Large substantial male with large bone and super head. Great temperament and solid neveres. Cato is a great dog who brings some old lines forward close up. Cato show good power in all his work and competated at a national level. He was Owned and handed by Kelly Yeager. 


Nicodemus von der Fenrisburg

German Import DDR lines

Photo coming soon