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Planned Breeding that are listed are for the Future and have not taken place. Please note that they may take place in 2018- 2019 time frame.

Phone calls are welcome to discuse the timing of a planned breeding we have listed!

Czech/ DDR Working homes required 

Xena's Warrior z vom Weberhaus IPO3  x SG Tom Neresnicka Dolina VS3

Female to Weberhaus



Puppies suitable for demanding work and experianced working homes.


V- Darka Jipo me IPO3, APR1,KKL  x  V-1 Cesar z Jirkova Dvora IPO3 KKL*

Female to Weberhaus

Male to Anna M




Basha z Trvle Svobody IPO3 x SG- Chris Hane Zvv2

Female to Weberhaus


DDR Lines 
This breeding has recived such good results we have decided to do it one last time!
JAN- 2018
SG- Kim vom Klodender Riss IPO1 x  V - Iwan vom Poppitz IPO3, FH2, IPO FH
Male to James B
Male to Brian
Male to K Mathis
Male to Mona S
Erra Buranos Lobos Zvv3 BH x Akim zo Ziaru Zvv2