HI Malinda,

We purchased the female pick of the litter from the pups born May 19th, 2005. The pictures of her
taken around age 1. Aspen has been an excellent choice for us.  She is extremely smart, but doesn't know the typical pet
tricks because we never taught them to her. She has a large vocabulary and understands almost too
much of what we say. Aspen is very protective of her property whether she's here at home or at a horse show in the living
quarters of the trailer.  Not vicious though. Aspen requires a whole bunch of attention.  She's very
affectionate.  She has incredibly intelligent piercing eyes.  It's hard to describe, but you can just look
at her and know there's something going on in her head.  Aspen is probably pretty spoiled by most
standards, but that's OK.  She likes to go in the vehicle.  We found her waiting in the truck to go to
the barn to get hay one day.  She'd jumped on the flat bed and crawled in through the sliding
window.  She can also jump through the side window if
it's rolled down.  She's very athletic.   Aspen is a well traveled dog.  She went to Springfield, Mo,and
stayed in a hotel room 10 days after we picked her up and was well behaved.
She and our other dog go with us to horse events on a regular basis and stay for the weekend.  
Aspen and Echo are both popular.  We're just about ready to switch her over to the
Royal Canin German Shepherd adult dog food. She's been a healthy pup from the beginning.
I just got my arm flipped up by a dog nose because someone
needed attention! Anyway, we certainly hope that we don't need a puppy any time soon, but when we
do you can bet we'll be looking you up again.
Thanks for helping us choose a great pup!
I would recommend to others that they will love theses dogs.

Aspen is a Khya and Goodie daughter 

Ziva is a Khya and Cesar daughter

Craig & Tammy Jensen



Hi Malinda!
I can't believe March is already half over! Soon Brody will be 5
months old.Brody is doing fabulous. He has been a great addition to the family. He is currently going through puppy training and knows: The attention command, Sit, Sit Stay, Down and Home. Next week we will
work on the down stay. He is already signed up for the next set of classes as well. He is very smart and a fast learner! He is doing excellent with our 3 children. He and our 1 year old daughter play very well together. I have attached a picture we took of him this evening and will continue to send more as time goes by. Should you ever need a reference please feel free to have people contact me or post this on your testimonials page. Your process was so professional and Brody is absolutely stunning we get compliments on him all the time from the Vet, Trainer and of course he weekly visits to petsmart for socialization get him tons of compliments as well. We can't thank you enough!

The Peters




 My experience of working with Malinda was very positive. She was always quick to respond to my inquiries and offered plentiful information on not only Ciro, but also German Shepherds and their care in general. It is clear that she is committed to placing each puppy with the correct family, and she has a real love for the breed and their well being. Ciro is a great puppy. He learned his basic obedience commands very quickly and readily adjusted to living with my female Shepherd
and several cats. He is very affectionate and loves to meet new people. Within a few weeks of his homecoming, he has become very attached to me and is already beginning to keep watch over both my family and
home. I have no doubt he will grow into a loving adult, a great watchdog, and an excellent example of what a
quality German Shepherd represents.Also, if you need a reference for future buyers, you are welcome to give out my info.
Deb McCoy



Hey Malinda,
Dona is doing great. She is easily the best dog I've ever had. Very quick learner, and easy to get along
with. She has a great temperament, cuddling with the small dogs in the house, and doesnt mind when kids
come up and pet her on walks. I am looking forward to starting Schutzhund training with her once I free up my
schedule a bit. She loves playing fetch and tug of war, and recently discovered that she can get in the pool
with me. I always get compliments about how great she looks when I go to the dog park with her. You do a
great job with your breeding, and I look forward to getting another puppy from you sometime in the future.



Sorry it has been so long since we spoke. Dargo is doing great! He is
such a smart dog and easy to train. My trainer wanted to trade his fully trained shepherd for Dargo. I said no of course. He is the son we never had. (72 pound 8 month old son!!) The trainer thinks he has great things a head of him.Dargo is trained on and off leash. We are working on more and more obedience and agility.My daughter an Dargo have bonded beautifully. He doesn't let her get to behind in our walks and she has learned to lock the screen door because he can open it!!
I have sent pictures for you and your website. He does look so much like his daddy. He is a joy to have in our family. We look foward to getting another GSD from you in the future.
Toni and Family ( MO)




We want to thank you so very much for producing such wonderful puppies.   After the loss of our beloved "Oskar" we
were a broken hearted household...until we contacted Weberhaus German Shepherds and found "Fera".   Our son has
a new best friend and requests her for bedtime.   Not only has he found a new best friend, but Fera has found a special place in all of our hearts.   As a parent their are not many dogs that you can trust around your young children with the exception of Fera.   She is their princess and she watches over them.   She lets them play with her until she is overly annoyed, but will show no signs of aggression or annoyance.   We could not love her more.Your time, attention to detail, hard work and countless hours of knowledge and advice are more then appreciated.   It is nice to know that in this day and age their are still people out there who will go out of their way to help others.   You are truly one of those persons.   Fera's body structure, temperament and natural protection abilities are phenomenal.   For us, she is one of a kind and absolutely beautiful.   Thank you will never be enough for what you have done for our entire family.   We look forward to working together in the future and the continued friendship with you and your family.
Steve, Monica, Gavin, Courtney, and Madison Cross
Olivia, Fera, and Holy  (ruff, ruff)


sorry I haven't been in touch I have been really busy. Shane has started puppy classes and is a star. The three teachers are so impressed with him. They keep commenting on what a nice shepherd he is. He does great with all the dogs, except the really small ones who make squealing noises. (prey?? Probably). He goes to work with me quite often and also getting socialized with kids and other dogs and puppies at a play group at another dog trainers. The weather has been not good to continue tracking but I have my flags and as soon as I can a couple of us are going to start with our puppies. I love this dog!!!! He has inspired me to join the Springfield Mo Dog Training Club, I have always taken classes there but never joined. This is in preparation for possibly showing him down the road. I guess what I love about him is he can do anything and everything. My shepherds have always been limited by one or two talents and my time. Now I have the time and the
dog. I am gushing I will try to get some updated pictures to you and I would love anything you want to send me. He is a
wonderful puppy and every one is impressed with your breeding and the way you started him. I also have a friend in the police Dept both she and her husband are experienced canine officers and trainers. They looked at his bloodlines and were very impressed. Shane is related to her old canine partner. They were very impressed with what you had put together as sire and dam. I feel honored to be his new mom. I took some at 14 wks and never got them to you. It was during our tracking session. I also have a friend who is a computer whiz and wants to get him a u tube(?) sight, not my thing but she thought you would enjoy it. Thanks again for this great friend and companion. LuAnn

Malinda, I wanted to let you know I received Shane's evaluations back I will mail you a copy early this coming week.
He was negative for elbow displasia, OFA rated his hips good. More importantly to me was his Penn Hip evaluation. This
evaluation measures the amount of laxity in his hips. The laxity in his hips would be the cause of djd (degenerative
joint disease). This is the biggest heritable factor in hip displasia or DJD. His evaluation is compared to 7,103 German
Shepherd dogs. He is not compared to any other breed. Anything above the median is considered ok. Shane rated in
the sixtieth percentile. The distraction index on the left hip was .39 on the right .36. The risk of DJD increases the higher this number is anywhere close to .30 is good. Of my last two shepherds one was in the 90th percentile extremely good tight hips, the other was in the 10th percentile and weighed over 100#'s. He was out of a New Skete shepherd. He showed signs of hip problems at 4 months of age. If you would like I can send you some information on Penn Hip. Shane's Penn Hip evaluation could be done again at any interval into old age and would not change. This is because they are measuring the laxity not looking for arthritic changes and guessing on the chances based on what they see on one X-ray. Penn Hip has improved the German Shepherd breed tremendously. It was the breed they initiated their study with. That is why I get so excited by these numbers. It really means a lot. Structurally he is able to do whatever we want to do.
Congratulations on a great breeding. LuAnn


Ivan z Vom Weberhaus


Dear Malinda, Thank you for a beautiful dog named Ivan. Wow Wow Wow. He is very very smart and outgoing. We play every day, go for a walk and go to the lake on weekends. I am very impressed at his protective skills with no formal traing(only me). He always alert me of outside noise and is not afraid of firworks, what a tough dog. His favorite toy is a 1 1/2 gallon bucket that we play with everday outside. He always alert me of noises he heres outside. I am so proud of him. Again thank you for this companion. Cary


Damian z Vom Weberhaus


 Hey Malinda
Just wanted to say hi and tell you Harley is doing great!! Hes the best dog Ive ever owned and is very much apart of the family.. and loved so much!! 
Itar z Vom Weberhaus
Hi Malinda,
I just wanted to send you a quick update on Itar. He is an absolute delight and is great with Emma, my old little dog who is completely deaf, and our cat Ed. We bring him everywhere and he does great both on and off leash. He's such a doll and I couldn't have asked for a better dog.
Thank you,
Ali z vom Weberhaus
Hi Malinda,
Just wanted to tell you Ali is such a beautiful dog we couldn’t imagine her not being part of the family. She is very affectionate and gets along great with our other German Shepherd. They are very attached to each other, that it would hard to imagine the two of them apart. She is extremely smart and every day seems to astonish us with her strength and loyalty. She definitely has some of Cesar's traits, and we would definitely recommend your puppies to anyone that wishes a great German Shepherd, not only as a great family dog, but also as a high quality dog. She couldn't be a better companion and protector for our family.
I included a picture of just how much she likes swimming. Her drive and concentration is trully seen in this picture.
Jaky z vom Weberhaus (Roofus) & Embar z vom Weberhaus ( Conan)
Hello Malinda,
Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for the amazing dogs I have because of you.  Today is Roofus' birthday! 2 years old and things are going great.  These are the best two kids a guy could ask for.  They have been nothing but perfect companions.  Conan still is skittish around people he doesn't know, but he's filled out nicely and just weighed in at 157 lbs!  He is a truck.  Roofus is just as crazy as ever but she is the most loyal and crazy dog I have ever seen.  She sticks to me like glue!  Everyone in my neighborhood calls them "the Devil Dogs" because they're both all black , but if they only knew how awesome these 2 really are. (we won't let them know because it keeps everyone away from the house! HAHA)
But I hope you are doing well and I wish you and your family all the best for this holiday season.
Max Foor
Malinda, just wanted to send an updated photo of Max. He was the light blue male from the S litter. We have been completely happy with him. You gave us an amazing dog. 
Thank you, 
Thought I would send you a picture of Jaxx at 15 weeks. he was 9 weeks old & bought him from you. Anyway, I just wanted to Thank You for giving us such a smart & special dog, who is eager to learn & learns very quickly. Him & my female, who just turned one this week, have SO much fun together. There have been a few times, she let him know she was the Alpha, but I think that will be changing in the near future, ha! Last time at the vet he was around 22 #'s. He goes back in today for a shot/shots, and I will be curious to see what he weighs now. He has changed so much in such a short time. His fur is getting darker like his dad's & it is just beautiful. 


Ula z vom Weberhaus

 I just wanted to give you a little update on Gemma. She is doing great! She is the light of my life every day and is always making me laugh. She loves to play with her toys and her newest thing is to try to fit two balls in her mouth when she can just get one haha. She loves everyone she meets and vice versa. She is such a pretty little puppy and a really nice dog. She is getting big and is about 25 pounds now! It has been really cool to see her learn and figure out problems on her own. She doesn't give up easily and its been cool to see her figure it out. We were in Maine this weekend and I took her kayaking with me. She seemed to enjoy it and really liked watching the birds on the water and we saw a seal from the distance and she didn't know what to think of it. It was so funny. She is also great in the car and just likes to be around people. She has become my sidekick and my little shadow and I could not be happier with her. I just wanted to let you know that she is doing well and wanted to thank you again. She is fitting so nicely into my life and it would seem weird without her in my life. Hope everything is going well with you and happy belated birthday. Hope it was a great one.


I  wanted to send in a few pictures of Gemma(Ula z von Weberhaus) and let you know that she is doing very well.  She is just so much fun and I am so proud to have her.  I have been doing nosework with her and she is definitely the star of the class.  She passed her ORT with flying colors and I am really looking forward to seeing what else we have in store for us.  She is so much fun to be around and alway keeps me laughing.  She comes with me everywhere, is fantastic in the car, and always has my back.  I am always getting compliments about her and when we were at the ORT after her second run the judge said how much she would love to have her.  It was a very proud mommy moment.  She is the best and I have no idea what I would do without her.  Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

> -Anne


Willow z vom Weberhaus

Hi Malinda!

We finally made it home last night around 12:30AM (this morning actually). Our travels went well. Heike Willow stayed on my lap the entire ride and was extremely calm and well-behaved. We took 2 potty breaks on the way. Having a collar and leash on was a bit of a challenge but she quickly overcame. We cannot express to you enough how much we already love her. We loved her before we met her. We loved her more when we met her and today our love just continues to deepen. Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup! She has acclimated well to her new home. Immediately upon arrival she explored every nook and cranny. She took it upon herself to locate her pile of toys and soon found our daughter to be a great rope tugging buddy. We have begun to focus on the word “no” in German for her chewing on things she should not chew on. Keeping it black and white. Her ability to quickly learn right from wrong is amazing. She has on several occasions squealed at the door to go out and take care of her business. Only one accident so far in the house but none in the crate. Speaking of the crate, she prefers to NOT be in the crate. Last night we were serenaded for about 30 minutes and then did not hear a peep out of her until I finally went to wake her at 7:30 for fear something was wrong. Had I known she was still asleep I would have left her alone…nervous new mom syndrome.  Needless to say, she is drinking quite well from her water bowl now. She ate both breakfast and dinner. She sleeps right in front of us in about 20 min increments then is ready to play for 20 or so, then nap, then play etc…too cute. She is really listening to us, somewhat starting to realize we keep calling her the same thing over and over again. We are just so happy with her. She has completely exceeded our expectations so far. I think our biggest challenge now is to overcome her desire to not be in the crate. We are putting her in there during the day for a couple of hours at a time. She just loves to be by the people as much as possible.

We will keep you posted. We pretty much spent the entire day today home with her as she continues to get more comfortable with us and her new environment. Everything is going extremely well so far. More so than we had imagined actually.

Thanks: Kelly and Randy

What a great little guy Wasko is!  His new name is Emmett.

He is just a delight, and I know that the future holds wonderful things for us with this little guy as a part of our family. We could not be happier...he is perfect!  
Hi Malinda, Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with your choice of our pup. He is very intelligent. He has already learned how to retrieve, sit ,speak, give me five, house broke, and comes on command very well. Both ears were standing erect a week and a half after we picked him up. He had his second set of shots at 9 weeks and our Veterinarian thought that he was a very good looking and healthy pup.  Thanks again. Daniel & Anita 
Azor z vom Weberhaus

Hi Malinda!

I wanted to send you an update on my pup-Oso. (little red collared boy).  He s absolutely awesome. Completely fearless, quick learner, eager to please, steady nerves, loves water, a natural tracker and drive to burn.

At six months old, he is weighing in at 61.5 pounds. 
He is a blessing and is surpassing dogs substantially older than him.  He will be ready to test for his tracking certification at one year.

I can't say enough good about him.  I am attaching a picture from the last time we flew together- two weeks ago.  Thank you so much for the pup and the standards you maintain.

I drop your name to everyone who asks about him.

Have a great day!       Rae

Dax is Thor z vom Weberhaus from the Dragon/Asko T- litter. He was a sudden addition to our family as we weren't planning on adding another dog to our household for several more months but seeing his picture and talking to Malinda, he was a good fit.He flew home to use 3 days later. He loves our older female GSD but is a total mama's boy. He listens to my husband grudgingly but will do anything I ask of him. He loves other dogs a bit too much, but I attribute his enthusiasm to being young and really only having our older female to play with. 

He does well in classes we've taken and though he is easily excitable when someone goes to pet him, he charms the pants off people. He's such a ham. He learns quickly, despite what he tries to make me believe. He loves to play fetch and is a lure coursing junkie working towards his 3rd level title in AKC Coursing Ability. Recently he has started showing promise in Barn Hunts as well. He is also friendly with our cats. He constantly wants to play and gets hurt feelings when they don't. He still hasn't figured out he needs to control his paw punching with them but they love him anyway. His recall is awesome and I can reliably walk him off leash without fear of him wandering. All in all, he is a fabulous young goober and I wouldn't trade him for the world, even when he's driving me batty. 
Oldriska “Risk” Z Weberhaus is a pup out of Togo Aites Bohemia and Darka Jipo Me. I purchased Risk from Malinda in July of 2016. Risk has been a great working dog. I do Schutzhund in Las Vegas with the Vegas Valley Schutzhund Club (VVSC). I took Risk for training in Fontana California with Ted Hartman the DVG president. In his words Risk is a tracking machine. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with Risk. She tracks with enthusiasm. She is doing tracks with 200 – 300 paces even now at the age of 7 months. These tracks have 90 degree right and left hand turns. She is a high drive puppy with energy for days. In the sport of Schutzhund she shows a lot of promise at the age of 7 months. Her biting and jaw strength is incredible and she is a joy to train. Risk is jet black and very shiny, she has a sweet disposition and loves to be with her pack. She gets along well with other dogs and will not have any problems with check with the judge at Schutzhund trials.
Risk also makes me laugh. After a training session I just let her be a dog. I take off the collar and remove the obedience lead and then she gets that look in her eye like it is my time now. Then she is ornery. She loves to run across the couch from side to side and across the snuggle corner. She flattens herself on the ground and stares up at you daring you to chase her. Those of us in the sport of Schutzhund know not to play chase but she loves to think we are going to.
Risk has a great spirit, as a puppy she is wild and free. I know in time that will change as we do more obedience and we get ready for her B.H. My goal is to have an IPO I on Risk by 24 months and IPO II & III before she is 3 years of age. I wouldn’t trade her for a million dollars. She is a great dog and I love her to pieces.
I have to also say a few things about Malinda. When I started talking with Malinda on the phone our conversations were very long and lots of very precise information was exchange and I could hear in her voice the love she had for the dogs, dog breeding and the sport of Schutzhund or IPO. I flew to Kansas City to see her club in Edgerton, Tornado Alley Schutzhund, let me tell you this is a class act operation. Her decoys are top notch and these people know how to train dogs! I decoy at my club VVSC and was allowed to work Togo in protection. Togo was a very swift and agile dog, like Risk is becoming and had great strength and power in his bite. Darka was pregnant and at home. Malinda was great and her customer service and work ethic are second to none. If you are looking to buy a great working line GSD with Czech bloodlines Weber Haus is your first and last stop!


Vincent Cory Ossana
Las Vegas NV – High School Biology Teacher.

Oso RandolTo: WeberhausgHi Malinda!

I wanted to send you an update on my pup-Oso. (little red collared boy).  He s absolutely awesome. Completely fearless, quick learner, eager to please, steady nerves, loves water, a natural tracker and drive to burn.

At six months old, he is weighing in at 61.5 pounds. 

He is a blessing and is surpassing dogs substantially older than him.

He will be ready to test for his tracking certification at one year.
I can't say enough good about him.

I am waiting to neuter him until he passes one year old. Please let me know if you want to collect sperm from him.

I am attaching a picture from the last time we flew together- two weeks ago.

Thank you so much for the pup and the standards you maintain.
I drop your name to everyone who asks about him.

Have a great day!